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Recommended High Quality Products from Amazon

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Recommended High Quality Products from Amazon!



Category 1: CONSCIOUSNESS - Amazon


Category 2: LIGHT - Amazon


Category 3 : WAVE - Amazon


 Here is the a few selected products from Amazon that we think they can be really HQ, valuable and worthy!


Education and Science:

_ E-books !

_ Books !

_ Articles and Journals !

_ CDs and DVDs !


 Health and Medications:

_ again, E-books and Articles !

_ again, CDs and DVDs !

_ Medicines and Supplements !

_ Healthy Foods and Goods !




& pretty much anything really good!

 Like stuff in here:


 So all that matters for us is to be healthy and high quality,

and health is about the healthy everything... having a healthy consciousness, light and wave in body, mind and spirit!

Hence, any product that seems to be really good based on our understanding of it,

can be a high quality product in consciousness, light and wave categories, and that's how we classify products.

It's doesn't matter if they are CDs, DVDs, books or even physical instruments and devices,

what matters is that they are pretty much healthy and related to the category of consciousness, light or wave!

 See them all here:


 For further explanations about why we chose consciousness, light and wave categories for our recommended products in combination with body, mind and spirit,

please visit our main website ( and CLwave mind map:


Thank you for visiting our recommended products!

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