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CLwave Market Privacy Policy   




 Any duplication, reproduction or imitation of the style, content and materials of CLwave Market websites and blogs without the written permission of CLwave Market is strictly prohibited !


We only save the users information such as username and password, (full) name and email, invoice of their shopping from CLwave Market(if any) and perhaps some optional information that users will provide in the registration or shopping forms when they create a new account in our website or buy something from us. However, we will completely protect the users information and we will not give it away to any third party at all! Hence users can make sure that we are just keeping their personal information on the registration forms and invoices and only for contacting them if necessary,  and not for any other aims or third parties!


We may contact our registered users by email, and of course, they can unsubscribe to our website at any time they wish. Nevertheless, we always protect registered users' information on our secured servers, and so we are connected to our users by their personal information in their relevant interests, and definitely not for any personal usage or spreading the users' emails or information to other websites or people. On the other hand, the statistics of visitors navigation on our website in tracked by a Stat Counter website and is open for public to see the number of our daily visitors on this website by clicking on the CLwave Market Stats on the bottom of our homepage so that advertisers and our cooperation partners can know can much visitors we have with more detailed information about all visitors in general.


CLwave Market websites and blogs are using Google Analytics. If users are sending a comment on our posts or linking to us, we will receive their email and IP address as well as other personal information that they provide to us.  We definitely neither sell nor pass on users information, and we certainly do not use it to ascertain spams!  





  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Also visit the contact page in the main website if you may need:




Read CLwave Products and Programs Terms and Conditions Here:





Copyright © 2012-2013,, All Rights Reserved.

  Copyright © 2012-2013,, All Rights Reserved.











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